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FireBoard 2 FBX2 BBQ Thermometer

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FireBoard 2 FBX2 BBQ Thermometer

Introducing the FireBoard 2 BBQ Thermometer, the newest member of the FireBoard family.

Easy to set up and install on your wireless network, the FireBoard® pushes real-time temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web. 

The FireBoard® supports up to 6 external temperature probes which provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring in many different environments and applications. 

Large multi-view graphing LCD screen capable of showing data from up to six probes at once. Weather resistant case. Auxiliary port. Six probe channels. 

Product Features: 

6 available channels for external Temperature Probes, LCD Display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), FireBoard Cloud Service, Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Included in box:

FireBoard FBX2 Thermometer, Charger*, Thermistor Ambient Probe, 2 Thermistor Food Probes, Grill Clip, Quick Start Guide

Device Size and Weight:

4.4″W x 2.8″H x 1.1″D, 8oz.

FireBoard® comes standard with a 1 year warranty

*Note: For international orders, we will provide a power adapter based on the specific country the order is being shipped to.

Included in box:

FireBoard FBX2 Thermometer, USB-C PD Charger, Ambient Probe, 2 Food Probes, Grill Clip, Quick Start Guide.

Q. What is Fireboard 2?

A. Fireboard 2 is the newest member of the FireBoard family, an easy to set-up and install device that pushes real-time temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and web.

Q. What features does it have?

A. Fireboard 2 has a large multi-view graphing LCD screen capable of showing data from up to six probes at once, as well as a weather resistant case, auxiliary port and 6 probe channels. It also comes with a FireBoard FBX2 in the box when purchased.

Q. How reliable is Fireboard 2?

A. FireBoardFBX2 provides accurate and reliable temperature monitoring in many different environments and applications thanks to its six external temperature probes which are included when you purchase it. FireBoard 2 is the perfect choice for keeping an eye on temperature changes and staying up-to-date with the latest data.

Q. How do I set up Fireboard 2?

A. FireBoard FBX2 is simple to install and set-up - just follow the instructions that come in the box or view our FireBoard 2 installation guide here: Fireboard2 Installation Guide. Once installed and powered on, FireBoard FBX2 will start sending temperature updates to the apps for iPhone, Android and Web via the cloud.

Q. Where can I buy Fireboard 2?

A. Fireboard 2 is available for purchase from select retailers throughout New Zealand. You can also buy Fireboard 2 online, where it is shipped directly to your door.

Q. What is FireBoard's warranty policy?

A. FireBoard offers a 1-year limited warranty on its products from the date of purchase, covering all manufacturing defects and malfunctions during normal use conditions as outlined in our FireBoard Warranty Policy document here: Fireboard Warranty Policy Document. In addition, FireBoard provides a lifetime customer support service with the goal of helping customers make the most out

Fireboard 2 Unboxing

Fireboard 2 Basic Functions


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