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Brick Road Gold Lager 1.5kg

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Brick Road Gold Lager 1.5kg

This Classic Gold Lager kit, inclusive of Pacific lager yeast, crafts a clean, crisp lager with a balanced malt sweetness from pale malts. The low hop bitterness ensures maximum refreshment without losing out on flavour, making it a perfect choice for hot conditions.

To brew a Gold Lager, add 1.5kg of Brick Road Extra Light malt extract, or opt for 1kg of Brick Road Extra Light Dry malt extract or 1kg of dextrose. To enhance the flavour profile, consider dry-hopping with 30g or more of NZ hops such as Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin, or Motueka for stone fruit and citrus notes, or Australian hops like Galaxy or Vic Secret for tropical fruit flavours.

By following Brick Road, you're on the path to brewing fresh beer that surpasses commercial varieties. This can provides all the essentials for crafting exceptional beer at home with ease and creativity. You also have the opportunity to experiment and develop your own unique recipes, building them brick-by-brick. Brick Road's commitment to quality led them to source the world's best maltster to produce this exceptional hopped wort.

Only the choicest grains are selected and malted. These grains are then expertly blended to complement the specific style of the beer, and combined with hop extracts to produce the hopped wort. The wort is carefully concentrated to 80 Brix and then freshly canned on-site to capture its original, delightful malt flavours.

Product Specifications:

  • Colour: Gold, 13 EBC
  • Bitterness: Low, 11 IBU
  • Grist: Primarily pale malts
  • Wort: Original Gravity (OG) 1.042; Final Gravity (FG) 1.008 (approx.)
  • Yeast: Pacific Lager yeast

Additional Fermentables Required:

  • For Gold Lager: Add 1.5kg Brick Road Extra Light malt extract for an ABV of 5.3% in 19L, 4.8% in 21L, and 4.3% in 23L.
  • For a Lighter Lager: Use 1kg Brick Road Extra Light Dry malt extract (or 1kg dextrose) for an ABV of 4.8% in 19L, 4.3% in 21L, and 4.0% in 23L.

Dry Hop Addition Suggestions:

  • For additional flavour, dry-hop with 30g or more of NZ hops like Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin, or Motueka for stone fruit and citrus flavours, or Australian hops like Galaxy or Vic Secret for tropical fruit flavours.

Alternate Yeast Options:

  • Clean lager yeasts such as 34/70, 1450, 830 for low-temperature fermentation, or neutral ale yeasts like US-05, Bry-97 for a warmer ferment.

Product Details:

  • Size: 1.5kg
  • Manufactured in: the UK, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in your home brewing experience.

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